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Buy JWH-210 Chemical Powder for sale Online in UK, Europe, EU.  JWH-210 Chemical Powder is an analgesic chemical from the naphthoylindole family.

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Shop for JWH-210 Chemical Powder on the internet. One of the most commonly used antidepressants in the United States is JWH-210. The cannabinoid has a powerful effect.

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For pain relief, JWH-210 powder from the naphthoylindole family functions as a cannabinoid agonist at both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, with a Ki value of 0.46 nM for CB1 and 0.69 nM for CB2. As a 4-substituted Naphthoyl derivative, it has a stronger binding affinity (i.e. lower Ki) at CB1 than both its 4-methyl and 4-N-propyl homologues, JWH-122 (CB1 Ki 0.69 nM) as well as JWH-182 (CB1 Ki 0.65 nM), and the 4-methoxy molecule JWH-081 (CB1 Ki 1.2 nM). John W. Huffman, who made the discovery, was honored with the honor of having his find named after him.

There are two types of cannabinoid receptors in the body: CB1 and CB2. JWH-210 is analgesic and operates as an agonist for both. CB1 Ki is at 0.46 nM, and CB2 Ki at 0.69 nM. A strong 4-substituted naphthoyl derivative of the naphthoylindole series, it has a higher affinity for CB1 binding than JWH-122, JWH-182, and JWH-081 of the first generation synthetic cannabinoids (1).

Metabolic pathways: JWH-210 has several known metabolites, including N-pentanoic acid metabolite (detectable in urine), N-(4-hydroxypentyl) metabolite (detectable in urine and serum), N-(5-hydroxypentyl) metabolite (detectable in urine and serum), and 5 hydroxyindole metabolite (detectable in urine and serum) (detectable in urine and serum). It’s also been stated that the napthoyl ring has been hydroxylated (2).

When sprayed on plants, JWH-210 has the same effects and toxicity as marijuana, according to users. Within 2-5 minutes of injection, the effects begin to be felt. Little is known about the effects of JWH-210 alone, however synthetic cannabinoids commonly cause mood and perceptual changes, panic attacks and agitation, a high similar to that of cannabis, and minor hallucinogenic effects (visual and auditory).

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