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Buy 2C-E Research chemical for sale Online in Europe, UK, EU. Buy 2C-E Research chemical. 2C-E (4-ethyl-2,5-dimethoxy) salt/powder: a psychedelic amphetamine.

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2C-E Research chemical can be purchased online.

2C-E Research chemical can be purchased online.

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Online purchase of 2C-E research chemicals

Alexander Shulgin discovers the drug 2C-E and garners a large following.

Online purchase of 2C-E research chemicals

The chemical agent 2C-E (trip) is a member of the 2C family, which also includes 2C-I and 2C-H. 2C-E is a hallucinogenic compound derived from phenylethylamine. Following a series of research tests, we now know that the typical dose of 2C-E powder for intranasal administration should not exceed 5 milligrams. Nonetheless, the dose should not exceed roughly 10-20 milligrams when used orally. It is reported that after approximately 10 minutes of inhaling through the nose, a significant burning occurs. Shulgin refers to 2C-E, together with mescaline, 2C-T-2, 2C-B, and 2C-T-7, as the «magical half-dozen» in his book PiHKAL. Online purchase of 2C-E research chemicals

2C-E has the following effects: a burst of energy, an increase in inventiveness, visual effects, and an increase in taction. Additionally, there are changes in consciousness, difficulties concentrating, the pulse quickens, and the body temperature may rise somewhat. Additionally, 2C-E causes dizziness, nausea, hypersensitivity to noise, and panic. 2C-E for sale on the internet

The duration of action of 2C-E is typically between 4 and 9 hours. When we compare 2C-E to 2C-I during testing, we discover that 2C-E produces more noticeable visual and auditory impacts.

You can purchase 2C-E (trip) on our website just for chemical investigations and laboratory tests; however, you should first determine whether this preparation is legal in your location. We provide high-quality materials.

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