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Ibogaine HCL (Hydrochloride) is isolated from our Iboga TA Extract and is ~95-99% pure Ibogaine HCL.

Product Description

Ibogaine hydrochloride

Ibogaine HCL is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in plants belonging to the Apocynaceae family, including Tabernanthe iboga, Voacanga africana, and Tabernaemontana undulata.

It is a dissociative psychedelic. Preliminary research indicates that it may be beneficial in the treatment of drug addiction. Ibogaine is available for purchase. Ibogaine HCL can be purchased online. Ibogaine hydrochloride powder. Ibogaine can be purchased online.

Additionally, as of 2016, there are numerous forms of ibogaine available, ranging from the root powder, which contains extremely trace amounts of ibogaine and has very little effect when used to alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms, to highly-purified, 99.7 percent pure Ibogaine HCL. Ibogaine HCL for sale online

Ibogaine Hydrochloride for Sale

To begin, we use 99.7% pure pharmaceutical grade Ibogaine HCL at Meds Consulting’s ibogaine treatment center. We do not use inexpensive semi-synthetic ibogaine derived from Voacanga africana, nor do we use TA (total alkaloid) or PTA (purified total alkaloid) extracts. Ibogaine can be purchased online.

Our raw materials originate in Cameroon (not Gabon), via a farmer’s cooperative that has been cultivating TA iboga for our use since the mid-1990s, utilizing eco-friendly, sustainable agriculture practices. We do not use materials from the black or grey markets that are unknown in terms of origin or purity. Ibogaine HCL can be purchased online.

Our ibogaine hydrochloride was manufactured in a cGMP-compliant laboratory that complies with all USFDA guidelines. Meds Consulting uses the purest Ibogaine HCL available when utilizing natural product chemistry; our materials are certified 99.7% pure via HPLC assay.

Ibogaine’s psychoactive properties

To begin, Ibogaine’s psychoactive properties produce an enhanced spiritual experience. The patient gains profound insight, which provides them with clarity about their lives and motivates them to make psychological changes and live drug-free lives. Ibogaine is available for purchase.

Ibogaine has significant potential for treating hard drug addictions such as heroin, methadone, cocaine, crack, and alcohol, according to studies. Additionally, there is evidence that it is beneficial in the treatment of tobacco addiction. Ibogaine can be purchased online.

Additionally, Ibogaine provides opportunities for psychotherapy and spiritual teacher. Additionally, Ibogaine can be used in psychotherapy to treat the effects of trauma or conditioning. Ibogaine is available for purchase.

Is Therapy Effective and Safe?

Individuals occasionally look for ibogaine for sale in the hope of undergoing ibogaine therapy for opiate addiction. However, as with any treatment, ibogaine therapy does not guarantee success. The best ibogaine hydrochloride powder

Additionally, ibogaine HCL therapy may be used to assist an individual in overcoming an opiate addiction. Ibogaine is available for purchase.

Additionally, ibogaine helps reset chemical levels in the brain, but the brain becomes physically dependent on ibogaine relatively quickly. Thus, if an individual consumes an excessive amount of ibogaine at once, he or she may suffer a fatal overdose. Ibogaine can be purchased online.

Not all ibogaine is created equal. Diverse materials can have markedly dissimilar effects. Our ibogaine is identical to that used in all monographs published in peer-reviewed journals to date, demonstrating ibogaine’s putative ability to alleviate withdrawal symptoms associated with polysubstance abuse disorders. Ibogaine can be purchased online.

We provide the world’s safest and most effective ibogaine detox program, using the purest ibogaine hydrochloride available on the planet. Ibogaine hydrochloride powder.

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14 grams = half ounce, 28.3 grams = ounce "an 0 ", 500 grams = 17.63 ounces, 1000 grams = 35.27 ounces


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