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Amphetamine powder is a strong stimulant of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord neurons) and has been used medicinally to treat a variety of conditions. Additionally, it is extremely addicting and has a history of abuse.

Amphetamine Powder is a prescription medication that is used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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Amphetamine Powder online in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the European Union, Amphetamine Powder mail order, Amphetamines are stimulant medications, which means they accelerate the transmission of messages between the brain and the body.

Amphetamines are stimulant medications, which accelerate the transmission of information between the brain and the body.

You might also be interested in learning more about the affects and health risks associated with Amphetamine Powder. It can manifest itself in the same way that numerous other medications do.

Certain classes of amphetamines are legitimately recommended by physicians for the treatment of illnesses such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy (where a person has an uncontrollable urge to sleep). Other kinds of amphetamines, such as speed, are illicitly manufactured and sold. A separate fact sheet is dedicated to the more potent form of methamphetamine, crystal methamphetamine (ice).

Amphetamines exist in a variety of forms. These medications are available in powder, tablet, crystal, and capsule form. When sold illegally, they may be packed in ‘foils’ (aluminum foil), plastic bags, or miniature balloons.

Amphetamine powder ranges in color from white to brown, and occasionally contains traces of grey or pink. It has a pungent aroma and a bitter flavor. Capsules and tablets containing amphetamines vary significantly in size and color.

Amphetamine -Illegally manufactured amphetamines may contain a combination of drugs, binders, caffeine, and sugar. Additionally, new psychoactive drugs may be added.

Slang terms

Speed, rapid, ascending, uppers, louee, goey, and whiz.

What purpose do they serve?

Generally, amphetamines are ingested, injected, or smoked. Additionally, they are snorted.

Amphetamines’ effects

Amphetamines have a variable effect on each individual, depending on:

Body mass index, weight, and health
Whether the individual is accustomed to taking it
Whether any other medications are taken concurrently
The sum withdrawn
The drug’s potency (varies from batch to batch with illegally produced drugs)

Amphetamines exert their effects instantly (whether injected or smoked) or within 30 minutes (if snorted or swallowed).

The following impacts may occur:

Happiness and self-assurance
Speaking more and feeling more energised
Repetition of simple actions such as itching and scratching
Pupils large and mouth dry
Rapid heartbeat and respiration
Grinding of the teeth
Appetite suppression
Sweating excessively
Increased sexual arousal

If a significant amount or a particularly potent batch is consumed, it may also result in an overdose. If any of the following symptoms occur, an ambulance should be summoned immediately by dialing triple zero (000). Ambulance officers are not required to consult with the police.

Fits a racing heartbeat
Stroke, heart attack, and death

Amphetamines snorted might irritate the nasal passages and result in nosebleeds.

Injecting amphetamines and sharing needles can raise your risk of contracting the following:

Virus Hepatitis B
HIV/AIDS Hepatitis C

Following amphetamine use, the following effects may occur:

Insomnia and exhaustion
Disorientation and obscured vision
Confusion, paranoia, and hallucinations
Irritability, mood swings, and depression are all symptoms of depression.

Utilizing a depressant such as alcohol, benzodiazepines, or cannabis to aid in the ‘coming down’ process may culminate in a cycle of dependence on both types of substances.

Long-term consequences

Regular usage of amphetamines may eventually result in the following:

Appetite suppression and rapid weight loss
Insomniac sleep
Dental problems and dry mouth
Colds and influenza are common.
Concentration difficulties
Breathing difficulties
Muscle rigidity
Panic attacks and paranoia
Cardiovascular and renal issues
Stroke risk is increased
Having to use more to achieve the desired impact
Addiction to amphetamines
Financial, occupational, and social difficulties
Psychosis caused by amphetamines

Additionally, high doses and repeated heavy usage can result in a ‘amphetamine psychosis,’ which is characterized by paranoid delusions, hallucinations, and out of character aggressive or violent behavior. These symptoms often subside within a few days of the individual ceasing to use amphetamines.

Amphetamines in combination with other medicines

The interactions between amphetamines and other substances, such as over-the-counter or prescription pharmaceuticals, can be unpredictable and deadly, and may result in the following:

Amphetamines and certain antidepressants cause hypertension, which can result in irregular pulse, heart failure, and stroke.


Amphetamines used with alcohol, cannabis, or benzodiazepines places the body under extreme stress as it seeks to cope with the contradictory effects of the two drugs, which can result in an overdose.


Giving up amphetamines after a prolonged period of use is difficult since the body must adjust to operating without them. Withdrawal symptoms should subside within a week and should be completely gone after a month. Symptoms include the following:

Amphetamine cravings
Appetite stimulation
Perplexity and irritation
Bruises and aches
Insomnia and nightmares
Affective disorders such as anxiety, depression, and paranoia

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