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Synthacaine Powder: Buy Synthacaine Powder, Synthacaine Powder Research Chemical Wholesaler. When you check out, you can choose to pay with a bank transfer or with bitcoins.

Synthacaine to buy online Synthacaine can be bought from online chemical stores. You can find them. Online Chemicals shops are the best place to buy research chemicals, because you can get them there.

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Synthacaine is 99.8% pure. Synthacaine is used in research. At 100mgs, it’s very strong.

Product Description

Synthacaine Powder is a research chemical that is sold by a wholesaler.
When you check out, you can choose to pay with a bank transfer or with bitcoins.
Please note that you are only covered if your package is lost. If you use a Tracked Insured service and your package is lost, we will send it back to you for free.
Please check with your country’s laws about importing chemicals.
Orders for bitcoins that are placed Monday through Friday until 3.30pm will be shipped the same day they are placed.

When Synthacaine was first used in research, it had a bad reputation. This is mostly because many companies were selling low-quality samples of it. Not here at, though!

We work with a good lab to make sure that all of the synthacaine we make is at least 98% pure. We don’t give out the exact recipe for this product because it’s a secret mix.

There is a good reputation for Gr8 Research Chems synthacaine. We are happy to say that our stock comes from the same source.

There is still a lot we don’t know about this chemical, but so far, tests show that it can make people feel happy very quickly.

It can also be a stimulant, so it’s important for researchers to take steps to keep themselves away from it and to only test two batches of it at a time.

The chemicals that we sell are not approved for any type of in-vivo research (i.e. not in humans or animals) or clinical trials, so if they are accidentally ingested, you should get medical help right away. This is true for all of the chemicals we sell. Please follow standard laboratory safety rules, such as wearing the right skin, eye, and clothing protection.

If you eat it, you should get medical help right away.

People can buy this product in 500mg and 1 gram amounts. They can also buy it in 500mg and 2 gram amounts.

Must be over 18 and not be eaten by humans.

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