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Metizolam, also known as Desmethyletizolam, is a synthetic depressant of the thienodiazepine chemical class. When taken, it is said to have etizolam-like effects like anxiety suppression, disinhibition, sedation, muscle relaxation, and memory suppression.

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Buy 2 mg pellets of Metizolam. Short for 4-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-ethyl-6H-thieno. [3,2-f] [1,2,4] triazolo[4,3-a][1,4] A diazepine, which is also called etizolam, is the N-desmethyl version of it. therefor Buy 2 mg pellets of Metizolam. Metizolam is an allosteric modulator for Gaba receptors in the lab. metizolam powder is for sale on the web.

We also have chemicals that aren’t approved for in-vivo research Buy Metizolam 2mg Pellets, so if someone accidentally ingests them, they should go to the doctor right away and get help. Please follow standard laboratory safety rules, such as wearing the right skin, eye, and clothing protection.

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The powder of metizolam is for sale on the web. Metizolam, which is also called Desmethyletizolam, is a thienodiazepine that is very similar to Etizolam. Only 2mg pellets of Metizolam are available. For more advanced researchers who want to make their own powder, we also have it in pure powder form. Metizolam, like all of our other products, should be used in a safe way by researchers. This product is only sold to research centers that have already been set up. metizolam powder is for sale on the web.

Etizolam is the parent of Metizolam, which is also called Desmethyletizolam.

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