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Ecstasy was conceived in 1912 as a result of Merck’s drug relationship. It was dubbed “MDMA” due to its novel structure. It was first used by the US Armed Forces in 1953 for mental combat tests, and was briefly reinstated in the 1960s as a psychotherapy prescription to “lower inhibitions.” 1 MDMA was not used as a social affair medicine until the 1970s.

By the mid-1980s, MDMA had been promoted as “the most bubbly thing in the method with a look for amusing through science” and as the “in medication” for long-lasting parties. MDMA was still being sold under the brand name “Delight” in 1984, but by 1985, the medication had been restricted due to security concerns.
Ecstacy, the green star, may be especially beneficial for those dealing with post-terrible pressing factor issues (PTSD). Numerous patients are unable to discuss the distressing events that precipitated their problems. According to this theory, joy may assist individuals in confronting these wounds.

Doblin, 50, is not a subject matter expert or an investigator, but he has a broad association with medicine due to his frequent use of it. “It’s made a significant difference in my life,” he explained. Throughout the years, he has admitted to spreading the message that Rapture and various hallucinogenic medications have critical health implications.
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